About Carol Longacre

I have been an Intuitive Empath, Reiki Master/Teacher & Coach for over 20 years. I offer online or in-person Reiki sessions, and in-person Reiki classes. The online session can be very effective. I am able to connect energetically with my client, and can read their energy, regardless if they are in the same room as me or not.

The private sessions that I offer provide my clients with the opportunity to heal on a deep level. Sometimes it takes a series of sessions to accomplish their goal. Like the peeling of an onion, they heal at the pace that is in their highest good. I also work with crystals & stones in the healing sessions.

I taught Reiki Classes in Canada (Canmore, Calgary & Leduc Alberta & Invermere & Abbotsford BC) since 1995 before moving to The United States in 2004. I have helped many individuals to realize their potential as a healer.

I have always been intuitive, but my ability to perceive spirit guides & consciously work with my intuition excellerated after taking all three levels of Reiki.

My style of teaching Reiki is one that encourages using intuition over technique. Reiki energy knows exactly where to go, so does not require any specific “direction” by the practitioner. I focus on helping my students to connect with their spiritual selves, teach them how to ground their energy, & work with Reiki empowered crystals and stones in the healing sessions.

Reiki can promote healing on all levels of your being, and can compliment traditional therapies

Carol Longacre, Intuitive Empath, Reiki Master/Teacher & Coach. Offering online & in-person sessions

Reiki With Carol Longacre, LLC

Seattle, WA