Reiki Level One Class Will Include:

- Grounding Techniques

- Description of Reiki

- Reiki Level One Attunement

- Reiki for Self-Healing

- You will give and receive a Reiki treatment

You will be a certified Reiki Level One Practitioner upon completion of this class.

Reiki Level Two Class Will Include:

- Reiki For Self-Healing

- You will give and receive a Reiki treatment

- Working with the Reiki Symbols

- Reiki Distant Healing

- Reiki & Crystals

- Reiki Level Two Attunement

You will be a certified Reiki Level Two Practitioner upon completion of this class.

Reiki Reiki Level Three (Master/Teacher Level)

The prerequisite for taking this class is that you first take the Reiki Level Two with me.

The Class Will Include:

- Master Level Attunement

- Review the topics for teaching all levels of Reiki

- Learn how to give the Reiki Attunements

- Practice working with the Reiki Master Symbols

- You will give and receive a Reiki Treatment

- Becoming a Reiki Teacher, and starting a Reiki Practice

You will be a certified Reiki Master/Teacher upon completion of this class

Reiki Practitioners Practice Group

(The Pre-requisite To Attend Is Reiki Level One)

I invite you to share your unique gift of Reiki with us!

What To Expect In The Group Reiki Session:

You will have the option of sitting in a chair, or laying down on a yoga mat (you bring the mat).

A Reiki Empowered Crystal Grid will radiate out from it a wonderful vibration of energy to each recipient.

I will be using the “Reiki Distant Healing Method” of channeling the Group Reiki Session, so the Reiki Energy will be working on you even if I am not standing near you. I will be walking around the room, pausing at each recipient to tune in to them individually to see how I can support their Reiki Session further.

If this is your first time experiencing Reiki, I highly recommend (not required) that you also schedule a Private Reiki session where you will get my undivided attention in a private setting. Both the Group Reiki Sessions & the Private Reiki sessions can provide you with a unique to them experience.

Psychic Exchange & Development Workshop:

No experience required ..............

Exercise your psychic gifts in this gathering of Intuits. Bring your tarot or Oracle Cards. I will work with you to fine tune your Intuitive gifts during this evening of fun. I encourage my students to read cards using solely their intuition rather than using any books or taught by another’s interpretation of the cards.

You will give and receive a reading.

Meditative Journey Event

I read the energy of the group, then intuit the journey’s destination. For example; We may travel to a past life, to an event in this current life’s past, or to an event in the future. We may even travel to different dimensions. I work with angels and spirit guides, and invite you to do the same during the journey. You will sit in a chair, so bring pillows to make your sitting experience comfortable if you have back issues.

Grounding Your Energy Workshop

In this workshop we will discuss how grounding your energy can personally benefit you, and then we will do some grounding exercises that you can continue on your own after the workshop to further develop the techniques taught. We will explore "Soul Retrievals" and how grounding your energy can welcome home aspects of self that were fragmented.

Below are only a few examples of how Grounding can benefit you.

- Improve your ability to focus

- To sharpen psychic senses.

- To help build self confidence

- To establish boundaries that stick

- To strengthen your energy field

- To improve your health

- To advance in your career.

- To heal wounded parts of self.

- To not take on other people's symptoms (when you practice energy healing).

- To release fear

- So that electrical equipment can function properly when you are in the room with them.

- For improved memory

- To improve your ability to study for exams.

- To learn how to hold a peaceful space when your surroundings are in need of it.

- To have a deeper connection with your spirit guides.

- To connect more deeply with your God (the Universe).

- To feel closer to nature

- To see more clearly where you are going (be conscious of your travels) when astral traveling.

- To integrate parts of self that left due to past or current life time trauma (soul retrieval)

- To become a better listener

Communicating With Your Spirit Guides & Angels Workshop

Everyone has spirit guides, but not everyone acknowledges or utilizes them. If you are interested in developing or strengthening your relationship with them, then perhaps this workshop is for you.

We will also work a bit with your angels who have a different from your spirit guides roll.

This workshop is for beginners or a novice in this field.

If you are attracted to this workshop then you are probably an old soul who knows all about this on a deeper level, so this workshop can trigger your memory. 👼 🤗

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