About The Reiki Private Sessions

In-Person Sessions

You will lay on a massage table fully clothed. I will "tune in" to your energy to see how I can assist you in the healing. I will provide you with intuitive information that I often receive during the session. I will be placing crystals and stones on you. They work great to amplify the Reiki energy, raising your vibration to a level where incredible healing can take place. In that higher realm of vibration, it is easier to hear your inner guidance, which often results in insights to problem situations in your life.

Zoom Reiki Sessions

You can receive this Reiki session by sitting in a chair, or when laying down.  I am highly empathic, so can tune into your energy with ease to determine how I can assist you in the session.  You will have the option of setting an intention for the session, or you can just let it unfold to serve your highest good.  I guide you in the session in releasing energy blocks that are ready to release, and will help you to go within yourself to connect with your inner wisdom, and spiritual resources. I will also provide you with intuitive information that I receive in the session.

Reiki can see deep within you to the core of your being. It has no time and space limitations so can travel through time and space to heal what ever is ready to heal. Healing can take place on all levels of your being, mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual.

Healing is a process. You heal at the pace that is the highest good for you.

If your life is in a shamble and it is effecting your health or your mental state than perhaps a series of Reiki treatments can help you.

Inner work is necessary to heal any issue or physical ailment. Reiki can bring you to that place deep within.

You may ask how many sessions will it take to heal your issue. Healing is like the peeling of the onion. You heal one layer at a time at the pace you can manage. The hurt self may peep it’s head up in the first session just to let you know that it exists, but it may take a few sessions to fully come out and transform. I offer a special rate for those who join my "Monthly Wellness Program".

Healing takes place in many different forms. It does not always mean recovery from illness. It may come in the form of developing inner wisdom, peace and serenity in spite of the illness, or in spite of any life situations. As you change (transform), your whole world around you will.

Carol Longacre, Reiki Master/Teacher. Offering on-line at Zoom & in-person sessions

Reiki With Carol Longacre, LLC

Seattle, WA